Bricycles features in The Observer and BBC Radio 4

The Observer and BBC Radio 4 both recently featured input from
Bricycles. The Observer ran a feature on white bikes which included Bricycles’ tribute to James Danson Hatcher on Devil’s Dyke Road, while BBC Radio 4
ran a 12 minute long feature about cycling in Brighton.

ghost_bike.jpgThe Observer gave Bricycles a central position on pages 4-5 of the Sunday 5th October Review section. It featured a picture of Bricycles’ white bike tribute following the death of James Danson Hatcher on Devil’s Dyke Road (junction with Saddlescombe Rd.). James who was 23 and lived in Brighton was killed in April 2007 by a car travelling at about 60 mph. Bricycles wants speed on rural roads reduced. Tony Green (Bricycles Treasurer and Membership Secretary) was contacted by the reporter. The text of the Observer article is online and you can also find a collection of Guardian photographer’s pictures of London and Brighton white bikes including the one used above.

Adam Pride (Bricycles Secretary) was on BBC Radio 4 "You and Yours" midday programme on Friday 3rd October in an item about cycling in Brighton. It was about 12 minutes long and discussed issues of road danger following the recent DfT report. To hear this, go to BBC iPlayer and start the programme, then slide the bar to 31 minutes into it where the cycling item begins.

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