Argus: Cyclists say safety scheme is dangerous

The Argus last week published an article about the Council’s decision to ignore the public consultation on North Street and implement their own scheme which will put cyclists in significant danger at the Clock Tower and make it difficult for cyclists to move around the Ship Street area.

northstreetquadrant1.jpgFrom the article:

Mr Davey, a Green party
councillor for St Peter’s and North
Laine, said: "This is a devastating
blow to cyclists and a retrograde
step for cycling. It has effectively
created a cycling no-go zone right
at the heart of the city and is a sad
indictment of our status as a cycle
demonstration town."

He said the alternative route at
the Clock Tower involved a junction
used by about 300 buses an
hour. He added cyclists would now
face a circuitous route to get out of
the Ship Street area of the city,
pitching them into busy roads.

He said the one-way system
would make it difficult for pupils at
Middle Street Primary, one of the
schools targeted by the city’s Bike
It training scheme, to cycle home.

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