Why no improvements for cyclists in North Street?

Brighton and Hove City Council is set to disregard the results of its
own public consultation about plans for the city centre. Originally
presented as including ‘improvements for cyclists’, the scheme offered
a two-way cycle route at the Clock Tower (shown in the image below) and the continuation of
two-way cycling in Ship Street.

These options were supported by a majority of the public, far outstripping the alternatives. But papers due to be discussed at the first Environment Cabinet Member Meeting on Friday include recommendations by council officers to ignore these results. Instead, they are recommending other options, including one which was not even part of the consultation. If accepted, the Clock Tower cycle route will never be put in place, and Ship Street will be made one way.

Bricycles has issued a full press release on this issue and urges interested parties to show their support in the following ways:

1. Write to the Argus.

2. Contact Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald, lead Cabinet Member for the Environment and Jenny Rowlands, Director of the Environment to express your concern and ask for North Street Quadrant to be reopened for cyclists as supported by the public consultation. Also ask for Ship Street to remain 2-way for cycling as supported by the public consultation.

3. Contact your own councilors, too to make these requests.

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