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La Fête du Vélo

La Fête du Vélo is a two day event held across France to promote cycling. This year, the “Dieppe à Vélo” ride will be on the 7th of June.

Last year’s event attracted many English riders. The event is open to cyclists of all ages and physical abilities and features a pleasant and easy itinerary. The aim is to raise awareness about what a handy, healthy and environmentally-friendly cycling is, as a urban way of traveling. The Dieppe ride will be focussing on promoting the fold-up bike, although regular bikes are welcome. The ride, during two hours, will go through and around Dieppe and will have the local castles and manors as a theme and the itinerary makes it possible to view some of the prettiest sites around, whatever the weather. The organisers would like to have the opportunity to meet up again with Bricycles members or friends.

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