Five Miles to Fabulous – 100 free bike rides for women

CTC are promoting short friendly local bike rides for less confident
female cyclists called ‘Five Miles to Fabulous ’ . There are over 100 free bike
rides for women across the UK
on 7th-8th June 2008. The rides are to encourage women to
take up cycling again and have the confidence to cycle for 5 miles. There is a page of rides for the South East.

fivemilesbanner.jpgFrom the CTC press release:


recommended that all women should do at least 30 minutes of physical activity
five times a week. Many adults, who used to cycle as children, will now always
take the car less than five miles to the shops. CTC hope the women who take
part in ‘Five Miles to Fabulous’ will be encouraged to use their bicycles more
and will therefore maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. It will take a
beginner cyclist 30 minutes to travel five miles so it’s the perfect distance
to incorporate exercise into your routine, making it good for you and the
environment too.


Miles to Fabulous’ organiser, Alexandra Geen, said: “Why spend hours in the gym
going nowhere, when you can burn calories every time you leave the car at
home.There are over 100 events taking place all over the UK so there is bound
to be a ‘Five Miles to Fabulous’ event near you. It’s a great chance to give
cycling a go and feel the benefits.”


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