New biofuels law "incredibly reckless" – Greenpeace

introduction of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) could
seriously undermine the UK’s claim to leadership on climate change and increase
emissions from the transport sector, according to Greenpeace. The
group claims that new rules to oblige motorists to pump biofuels into their
tanks will drive rainforest destruction and could actually accelerate global

law does nothing to prevent biofuels grown on newly deforested land from being
sold in the UK. Suppliers are only required to "report" the details of the crops
they are using – a process which can be easily manipulated to hide the true
origin of environmentally damaging crops like palm oil.

Government admits there will be no sustainability standards for biofuels in
place until at least 2011.

to the news, senior forests campaigner Belinda Fletcher said: "Right
now, rainforests are being destroyed to make way for biofuel crops in places
like Indonesia. This destruction leads to massive greenhouse gas emissions and
completely undermines the point of these so called ‘green fuels’.

See the Greenpeace site for the full story.


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