Coroner's inquest into death of cyclist

Coroner’s inquest into the death of cyclist James Danson-Hatcher,
took place on 12 Sep 07. On 5 April 07 James was hit and killed by a car travelling northwards
towards Devil’s Dyke at about 60 mph.


The collision took place
at the junction of Devil’s Dyke Road and Saddlescombe Road. The
inquest concluded that James pulled out from the junction into
the path of the oncoming car.

Since the fatal crash a
traffic sign has been made much bigger and a new ‘cycle route
ahead’ (red triangle sign) has belatedly been put in place. This
oddly designed junction and the indistinct road markings just
north of it for the nearby bridleway need sorting out. Sight
lines need checking urgently.

Bricycles is campaigning for
traffic speed reduction on rural roads. Anyone who has walked or
cycled in the countryside knows the frequently inappropriate
speed of motor vehicles. There are many cyclists, walkers and
runners in the country near to Brighton. People need space to
exercise and to enjoy the countryside. It is no longer
acceptable for traffic to travel so fast that it is impossible
for the driver to avoid a crash with a pedestrian or a cyclist.
Support our campaign for speed reduction. 40 mph is more than
enough on the City’s rural roads. Twenty is plenty in places
where people live. Write to your local councillor and your MP.


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