Stadium, Falmer and flooding

Many people are happy about the Falmer Stadium decision and
the Argus has certainly led the way, but particularly in
this year of major severe flooding, we need to acknowledge
the power of the environment. 

southcliffeflood2.jpgFurther development into
green field sites and the use of fossil fuels will produce
more climate change and environmental degradation. The
attached picture shows me viewing the River Ouse around our
house in South Cliffe, Lewes in October 2000. The second
picture shows the result after a metre of water spent 3
soaking the furniture in the front room. The house was
contaminated with diesel and sewage. We lost almost
everything on ground level. We were unable to return to the
house for 6 months due to extensive works, following which
we were lucky enough to sell it to a buyer (who was fully
aware of what had happened) and we moved back to Brighton.
Other people in low lying areas cannot move house and are
dependent on our responsible attitude to the environment.

How many of the 25,000 people attending matches at Falmer
will use a carbon neutral means of transport? If they are
all going to arrive by walking, cycling and public
transport, why are we now awaiting so-called ‘improvements’
(i.e. bigger roads) on the A270 and the A27, and also a new
‘access’ road in Stanmer Park?



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