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City Council launches Bikeability

Bricycles welcomes Brighton & Hove City Council’s launch of
Bikeability at Aldrington Primary School in Hove. 
Bikeability is the new cycle training scheme replacing Cycling

Bikeability Brighton & Hove is part of a national cycle training
scheme to prepare children for travelling on today’s busy roads.
City Council Leader Brian Oxley said:

"Bikeability is a great way to get our children cycling safely
from an early age. We want Brighton & Hove children to be safer,
more confident cyclists and to encourage healthier and
environmentally friendly transport options."

Bricycles works for
a cycle-friendly road network in the City
and wholeheartedly supports this new cycling training scheme
which teaches on-road cycling techniques. We are also
encouraged by Brian Oxley’s positive comments about cycling,
health and the environment.

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