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Brighton cycling election success

We are delighted to see that a number of the newly elected city
councillors are Bricycles members. We look forward to working
with them and all of the councillors comprising the new council.

Unfortunately, Joyce Edmond-Smith (Hanover and Elm Grove [Labour])
was not re-elected. Joyce was Chair of the Sustainability
Commission and for many years worked tirelessly to improve
cycling conditions in the city. Bricycles thanks Joyce for all
her good work, in particular her strong support for the early
re-opening of North Street Quadrant to cyclists.

Roy Pennington (Regency [Labour]) was another casualty of the
election. Roy had also wanted to see North Street Quadrant
re-opened for cycling and if re-elected had agreed to pursue the

Bricycles is an apolitical organisation working for the best
outcome for all cyclists.

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