No Naked Bike Ride in 2007?

Sayers of Naked Bike Ride has received a letter from Sussex
Police threatening him with Police costs for the event which
they consider unsuitable for a family destination.

nonsense! The letter also indicated that Brighton & Hove City
Council was unsupportive of a repeat of last year’s event.

On Saturday 9 June 2007, in
cities around the world, people will be riding naked to
celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride demonstrates the
vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against
oil dependency.

2007 will be the second time
the ride has taken place in Brighton & Hove. It follows the
massive success of the 2006 event, where 160-200 people rode
through the city despite Sussex Police censorship of "rude

More info:

The picture, by Marie
Sansford, shows participants of the 2006 event cycling along
Brighton seafront.


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